What Our Clients are saying

Oral Health Care is dedicated to keeping your residents and your staff smiling.

“After we switched to Oral Health Care our residents are smiling again.” 
Irene, Social Services 

“The dentist and dental hygienist are very professional, caring and attentive to the needs of our residents. The equipment that they bring is so amazing we have never seen anything like it before.” 
Sue, Administrator 

“I was very happy to hear that the facility where my mom stays has such a wonderful dental services company. My mom has an advanced Alzheimer’s and cannot get out of bed any more. She used to always take a very good care of her teeth and I know she is really happy to have an opportunity to have her teeth cleaned and checked by the professionals.” 
Tina, Resident’s daughter 

“I have never had such a wonderful and thorough cleaning of my teeth in my life before. I had my dentist for many years and I thought he was doing a decent job. Only after having my teeth cleaned by one of your hygienists I realize what the real cleaning is! Thank you very much!” 
Doris, Resident

For additional information please call us at (800)719-6107 or email us at Info@OralHealthCareUS.com